Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q. I've been evicted by a previous landlord. Can I still rent an apartment from you?

    A. Maybe. We evaluate each rental application to try to determine if the person would make a good tenant. If your circumstances have changed significantly and you can document it, we may consider you. We may ask for a larger security deposit as well.

  2. Q. Do we have a lease or month-to-month tenancy?

    A. We have annual (12 month) lease agreements with a 60 day notice to renew or terminate. We do not have month-to-month tenancy.

  3. Q. Am I allowed to have a pet?

    A. Pets are permitted at some of our properties, but not at all of them. Please inquire with us what our pet policy is at a particular property.

  4. Q. Can I use my security deposit as my last rent payment?

    A. No. Your security deposit is used to cover any damages that may have happened during your tenancy. It cannot be used for your final rent payment.

  5. Q. What criteria are used to evaluate a rental application?

    A. We look at a number of factors, including: Employment history, Rental history, Credit worthiness, Proof of income.